5 Reasons to Get Crafty with a Planner

Planner Detail by Kathryn Quintana at CraftingByNight.wordpress.com

After several years of operating exclusively with my Google calendars, I went back to a paper planner last fall.  Here are 5 reasons for getting crafty with a planner:

1.  It’s a day-brightener.  I purchased my planner when I was going through some stressful changes at work, and having a pretty planner helped me stay focused on the good things in my life.  Tucking in a special photo or glancing at favorite embellishments gave me a little boost during the day.

2.  A planner is a capture tool.  Brain research has demonstrated that writing things down strengthens learning and remembering as this article in Scientific American, A Learning Secret:  Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop, explains.  Having one place to capture dates and to-dos helps me feel more together and focused.

3.  A planner keeps priorities center stage.  All tasks are not equal, and with the help of some pretty washi tape and stamps, staying focused can be a bit more fun.  Keeping lists and reminders on the dashboard keeps me on track, especially during small chunks of time and after interruptions.

Planner by Kathryn Quintana at CraftingByNight.wordpress.com4.  The planner provides space for memory-keeping.  I like to stamp a space in my weekly spreads for listing what I want to remember from each week.  I stamp in batches by loading up my stamp press as shown above.   I typically stamp several weeks out, enough that I am not doing this weekly, but not so far out that I can’t switch to another stamp when I am ready for a change.  If you like the stamp I am using in my planner, it is from the April Life Pages Kit at Gossamer Blue.

5.  It is easy to customize.  I change out my sections based on what my life currently looks like.  It does not stay the same throughout the year.  For example, I am adding a section for planning this blog!

Getting crafty with a planner can be as simple or involved as you want it to be.  It is a work in progress, and a great opportunity to use up some favorite crafting supplies, and who doesn’t love that?  How about you?  Have you jumped on board the planner trend?


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Get Crafty with a Planner

  1. Love the gold! I’m not a planner person. I’m a stay at home mom and though I have lots of things to keep track of, I just use something basic, I think jy husband brought this home from work before the end of the year. I do keep a separate notebook to jot down layout ideas of a date with what I want to remember. If I worked outside the home I probably would do something like this. I love the idea to stamp a few weeks out, and keeping a top 5 list for each week. Thanks for sharing, this is really cool. Michelle t


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