Reorganizing Project Life Stash

Project Life Storage by CraftingByNight.wordpress.comNow that I have been doing Project Life for a couple of years, I have built a stash of leftover cards and embellishments.  Although I am always eager to use my newest supplies first, I would like to bring in some items from my stash more regularly to use on current projects.  However, when the older supplies are tucked away, the problem has been “out of sight, out of mind” and they sit unused all too often.

I had been keeping all of my cards together by kit, but what if I sorted them by color instead?  Could that make it easier to quickly locate an item that would coordinate with my current projects?  I decided to try this new system, and here are some of my repurposed containers that worked well.

Using a refrigerator bin to store 3x4 cards
Using a refrigerator bin to store 3×4 cards

I cut some dividers with my Silhouette Cameo and grouped the 3×4 cards by color families.  The cards are easy to flip through to make a selection.

Close-up of sorted 3x4 cards
Close-up of sorted 3×4 cards
A small wooden crate for 4x6 cards
A small wooden crate for 4×6 cards

I used the same idea for the larger cards, and covered the bottom of the wooden crate with chipboard to contain the cards.  The wooden slats on the bottom actually help separate the cards when paging through them.

With my cards reorganized, I decided to see what else I could find from around the house to organize letter stickers and other often-used embellishments in Project Life.  A make-up organizer works great for keeping these items handy.

Repurposed make-up organizer for Project Life
Repurposed make-up organizer for Project Life

One of the benefits of reorganizing my stash is remembering what I have, and I hope this will strengthen my resolve to be more selective and spend less when shopping for new supplies.

How do you sort your craft supplies?  Do you sort by manufacturer, kit, color, or some other method?  I’d love to know what works for you and what you find challenging about storing and using your stash.


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