Simple Scrapper | June Sketch Layout

Each month, I look forward to the new collection of sketches at Simple Scrapper.  When looking at sketches for layouts, I often study the design to determine what I might adapt or modify for my project.  For my June project, I knew I wanted to use a series of three vertical still photos I pulled from my son’s video to show the action sequence of my son on a skateboard.  However, the June sketches did not have three photos that would work.  Instead of using a 4×6 single photo, I used a photo template to fit all three photos on a 4×6 canvas.  Here is the resulting layout, which was featured as the Layout of the Week at Studio Calico last week:

Featured LOTW at Studio Calico May 14, 2016

The other significant change I made to the sketch was to adapt the 12×12 design to fit a 9×12 page, a size I have been loving after many years of creating 12×12 layouts.  I cut a strip of the label patterned paper and stamped a word in each label and then cut and stitched some ticket shapes which added a touch of bold color.  The lightning motif represented the quick action, and the cork phrase was the final touch, an unexpectedly fitting title.

Remember when working with a sketch, the layout gives a starting place for designing a layout.  From there, you can adapt and modify the design to suit your project while keeping the effectiveness of the composition intact.  This leads to a project that is uniquely yours every time!

How do you use sketches in your design process?  Do you find sketches easy or tricky to work with when creating a layout?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.


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